How Competitive Is Your Creative Marketing?

If innovation is the lifeblood of brands, then creative marketing is the source of innovation and driver of brand growth.

Creative marketing is an inclusive term and can cover many aspects of the marketing process. In its purest sense, creative marketing is not the sole domain of marketing people in marketing departments but can and should be sought from across the entire organisation, wherever it’s possible to influence a consumer touch point.

This means that creative marketing could stem from operations, accounts or any other area of the business where innovative thinking can make a difference to the customer.

Ultimately, creative marketing is all about adding value to your offer to give an even greater reason for people to try your product or service, or to stay committed as a customer. It’s also about how well you are promoting your offer including when, where and how such communication is received.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll have a look at 5 important creative marketing services where Al-Wasaq helps clients to create and maintain their competitive edge.

Creative Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also a very broad term covering many different forms of online marketing activity including email marketing, content marketing, seo marketing, social media marketing and paid search engine marketing.

As more and more businesses are becoming savvy to the benefits of digital marketing activities, the need for creativity increases. Much of creative digital marketing today involves creating content that engages the target audience and provides value. It also involves selecting and managing the best vehicles for delivering the content.

To be competitive, both the content creation process and the content delivery process involve an ongoing process of testing and measurement. It’s only through continual trial, that we learn what works for our target audience and what we learn from trial and error, in turn fuels the creative process and our ability to compete.

Al-Wasaq is proud to offer this approach to creative digital marketing to help grow your business today.


Creative Marketing Communications

Creative marketing communications help keep you ahead of your competitors because of their ability to stand out, be noticed and be remembered. They strike a chord with your target audience because they talk with them, not at them, and they deliver messages that answer all the right questions.

A creative marketing communications strategy ensures that the right messages are delivered to the right people at the right time using the right medium. Creative messaging can be entertaining, educational and informative.

A good test of the effectiveness of creative marketing communications is where some form of call to action results. The specific call to action can vary greatly from signing up to an email list, purchasing a product or service or sharing a message with someone else.

Al-Wasaq specialises in creative marketing communications that help brands to stand out from a crowded market, reach a desired audience and result in a call to action.

Creative Graphic Design

Great creative graphic design comes from people whose imagination enables innovation. However, effective graphic design also come from a really well conceived brief the empowers the designer with an ability to feel on behalf of the desired audience.

Beautiful graphic design work can win awards and initially please clients, but great creative graphic design work that helps to build brands, is based in marketing strategy that serves to guide the creative process.

When you combine research based strategy from experienced marketers with experienced, gifted graphic designers, you start from a position of power when it comes to creative graphic design that helps your brand to grow.

Al-Wasaq prides itself in having the best resources to ensure this combination powers your business.


Creative B2B Marketing

Business to business marketing is very much driven by content creation designed to help either management or technical people or both, solve a particular problem.

If solving a problem involves the purchase of goods or services, then creative B2B content should help provide the information needed to both make and justify the purchase decision or recommendation.

Popular tools used in the creative B2B Marketing process include web pages, e-books, blogs, vlogs, case studies and white papers.

Creating effective B2B marketing content can require a different writing approach than for B2C content creation. Quite often, the features of a product or service need to be emphasised as much, or if not more, than the benefits. This is generally not the case when marketing consumer products.

Creative eMail Marketing

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