SLS is a package of systems for managing and developing businesses, and it was built according to the latest internationally recognized concepts that achieve quality management regardless of the size of your system.

The task management system adopts Theory Agile and task completion theory
(Done Things Getting) to suit the labor market requirements for implementing many
Tasks in the least amount of time possible, and with the development of Kanban card theory
To get the most out.
The tasks here are divided in time and related to reports and statistics.
We take time to complete and adhere to time, a clear vision of managers for all work and tasks.
Sections, groups, and individuals.


Task management system


Project management system

The project management system smoothly brings all the important aspects of project management
With detailed details of each project, the vision, organizational structure and teams
Work in addition to the main and subsidiary goals, executive plans, and
For tasks including financial tools, resource planning, cooperation, and analysis
The value gained and of course keep track of time.
Seamless Project Management System provides integrated management of your projects, as they are
It will give you full control over the quality of workflow, starting from planning and implementation.
Till the finish, it is also an amazing storage tool that includes all documents and files.
Related to the project in one place, which allows you to share and organize it.

Classify and sort documents in an easy and flexible way.
– The system provides automatic notices of documents in the process of expired and expired.
– Quick and direct access to any document of any kind at any time.
– Encrypt and close files with a password.
– The ability to withdraw documents from the scanner and from the device in multiple formats.
It supports shortcuts in the search.
– Sharing documents between users.
– Share documents via e-mail.
Protect documents from loss and damage.
– Search for any document in multiple ways.
Built-in authorization system


Electronic Archiving Document Management System


Administrative Communications System

The system allows the management of various transactions: ease of sorting and classification of species.
Various of internal and external transactions and correspondences
Determine the level of its importance and the level of its secrecy.
The ability to send and export letters, circulars and decisions via multimedia.
And barcode printing for transactions.
– Record and document the movement of all transactions in detail
– Integration with the document management system so that records can be archived directly.
– Smart search interfaces to quickly access transactions and their attachments.
For every administration and every user.
Monitor the workload in real time
– Monitor transaction cases, identify bottlenecks, and indicate late transactions.
– Backup of the export log

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