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We create, develop, market and maintain your site and grow your online activity
We provide the best web design services. Web hosting. Creating websites for search engines. Online store design. E-Marketing
One of our main goals is to improve our customers ’websites, develop their marketing strategies and help them establish their brand in the online marketplace. Your site includes all the tools you need not only to get started, but also to establish your presence online and make profits and attract a segment of potential customers looking for your products and services. It has been proven that professional website design, SEO services, good content, branding, and presence on social media platforms have proven successful in increasing awareness of business and business and increasing sales, so we can use our vast experiences in the field of web design and e-marketing for individuals And companies to make your activity known. Design your site by contracting with us online

We design your site uniquely to help your business grow, our goal is to help you succeed online by providing you with the tools you need to establish a strong online presence. Through these steps, you can complete the contract and receive your website online:
1. Contact us from anywhere in the world WhatsApp 01001099344 to know the requirements and help you choose the appropriate design and hosting plan that you need.
2. Pay an agreed amount that is part of the total cost.
3. Send an official copy of the contract, sealed by the company, of all the items agreed to be executed.
4. Reservation of the domain ( or linking the existing domain and hosting for one or three years as required.
5. Send all the content on the site by e-mail.
6. Create the agreed site, upload it to the Internet, and prepare it to work at the required speed.
7. Review the site and ensure the correctness of the content and the speed of browsing the site on all devices.
8. Send the remaining amount due.
9. Site delivery, login information and its control panel.
10. Live Control Panel explanation to learn how to edit pages and add new pages.
In this way, the customer will receive the site, the login information and the control panel


Other advantages that you get when you receive your site

⦁ Provide free technical and technical support for 3 months, and technical support services include:
– Developing the site and adding new sections.
– Site maintenance and update of the database and content management system files.
– Take responsibility for the site’s work continuously and permanently 24 hours / day in order to maintain the continuity of the site / project.
– Maintaining the site from any penetrations or injections into the database.
⦁ Create accounts on all social media pages in the name of the site for free.
⦁ Providing tips and advice in e-marketing aimed at developing your online activity.
⦁ It is also possible to agree on a plan from six months to a year to create and improve the site’s appearance in search engines and work to maintain specific keywords.

Enjoy using Seamless administrative systems by contracting with us online – Contracting. Push . Receive

1. Contact us to choose the systems and number of users.
2. Pay the annual subscription amount.
3. Sending the subscription contract for seamless systems.
4. Activate the company account on seamless systems and hand over the system administrator.
5. Receive the user manual, and contact customer service to explain and clarify the screens.
To be received seamless systems

Other advantages you receive upon receiving SLS systems:

* SLS systems including the main user account (system administrator) in addition to the basic user numbers.
* Any platform that is associated with subsystems Backup system, records system, internal technical support system.
* Technical support includes the periodic backup of data and systems databases and their recovery to the customer in case they are lost or damaged by him, and the treatment of any technical obstacles in the screens, reports and answering inquiries regarding how to deal with them.
* In the event that the customer desires to implement amendments to the current screens or reports, or add new screens or reports, Al-Wasaq Company assesses the additional cost and time period required for implementation, and provides the customer with an information provided by the supplier of the information provided by the supplier for the information provided by the supplier. With special training services for its cadres, or for operating and managing the system and that is covered by a separate service delivery contract.
* SLS systems are used for one facility only and in the event the customer wants to operate the systems for additional facilities for the same owner, the cost of operating the systems is calculated at 70% of the value of this price for each additional facility.
* Prices include accredited hosting with a storage space of 1 Giga per system, and if the hosting is for all SLS systems, the customer gets a storage space of 5 Giga, the storage space can be increased with an additional cost of 25 $ for one each.
* Technical support for annual subscription plans for free SLS systems.
* Prices doesn’t include taxes.