Local listings

Sites like Google, Bing, Yelp, and others search the web for business names, phone numbers, and addresses. They use this information to create lists displayed in local search results.

What are Al-Wasq company services to include your activities in the local listings?

Make your business prosper by updating local listings

If you want to add updated information about your business, address, or phone number, you must subscribe to the business addition service on the local listings, otherwise you will risk losing customers looking for your workplace or your company, and this of course has a negative impact on your success. Be available to all your customers and subscribe to the service of adding business to the local listings from Al Wasq company.

The service of adding business to the local listings from Al Wasq company saves you time and effort

If you are the owner of a company or a commercial activity and feel pressure from the many responsibilities and tasks, do not let this waste you the opportunity to manage the local listings for your business. Al Wasq provides a service to add business to local listings and keep them up-to-date, which helps spread and flourish your business without your efforts. Alwsak updates all listings on all search engines and adds your work on maps online.

Why do you need these services?


Always be on your customers' contact list

Put your new business information on all search engines and google maps and easy access to your business


Update your business information

Al-Wasq company manages the service of adding your business to the local lists, saving your time and effort to welcome and serve all new customers


Increase your chances of success

Earn the trust of local customers and provide them with your services and products close to them. The service of listing your company on Google Maps allows you to search online to show your number, work times, location and all the information that customers need.