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 Al-Wasaq Company was established in Rabi` Al-Awwal 1433 AH corresponding to February 2012 AD as an investment company affiliated to the Investment Authority system with Egyptian-Saudi capital. The company’s purpose is to develop the integrated systems and applications to meet the needs of the local and regional market in the field of information technology, building portals and websites and digital marketing. Where Al-Wasaq has been keen since its inception to excel in building systems, applications and software and employing the latest technology in business computing, and went to build ERP systems, management systems, business development and web programming. With the increasing demand of customers for supportive businesses such as design, e-marketing and content management, Al-Wasaq Design Company specializing in creative designs was launched, starting from the design of publications to the production and production of documentary films and media materials and their dissemination through various media. Al-Wasaq has always been keen on training and attracting distinguished staff, while adopting the latest standard methods for developing information systems based on its mission to localize technology and excellence in customer service.

The mean means inclusion and inclusion

Because we are a comprehensive company for many sectors of information technology and building systems, building and designing portals and websites, e-marketing services, and design services.

Al-Wasaq understands your requirements

We listen well, discuss your ideas and requests, then suggest and offer the best and most appropriate for your business, in the event that we find that our services or systems will not be compatible with you. Credibility requires us to tell you.

Al-Wasq aims to develop and innovate

Because we seek development and innovation, whatever the project. A specialized website or design and development program, we will make it easier and more professional.

The medallion is a name that has weight

Always and never our main concern was the quality of our business, we will not allow pressure costs or lower requirements to show where our business is at a level we are not satisfied with.

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our vision

To be the first option for smart solutions and advanced and integrated services based on safe and stable information system..

our mission

To invest the creative minds and enormous capacities on the local level to nationalize technology in the Arab countries professionally and at distinguished standards to guarantee regional leadership as strong basis of competition in the global markets.

our Strategy

To build real partnership with all successful work components to achieve the goals, beginning with the work team to partners of suppliers, friendly companies and customers.

our Goals

To upgrade the level of services in the field of information technology and smart systems by innovation of new systems and solutions that match the market requirements. To provide distinguished services in the field of media production from the documentaries and media materials. To enrich markets with new pattern of particular nature from the consulting and marketing services and ancillary and technical support services. To achieve the balanced equation between the good services and logical costs




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