Al-Wasaq Company was established in Rabia Al-Awwal 1433 H corresponding to February 2012 AD as an investment company affiliated to the Investment Authority system with Egyptian-Saudi capital in order to develop integrated systems and applications to meet the needs of the local and regional market in the field of information technology and building portals and websites and digital marketing.


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Management Systems

Systems and programming: Al-Wasaq Company always adopts its position as a success partner for all customers who have chosen their software systems to manage their business, so what is in their hands is a cumulative effort since 2012 in the field of information technology and business development to reach the summit of safety, accuracy, speed and efficiency in managing your system easily and with minimal effort, has Our software systems are built to achieve together all your requirements and aspirations and be with you success partners, it is a true partnership that begins with understanding your requirements and needs and cooperation to adapt our capabilities and systems to harmonize with your system as if it has been developed for you and extends our partnership through after-sales services; Uninterrupted customer service, technical support, and continuous updates, wherever your effective role as the owner of an institution or company or a responsible manager or data entry, You are welcome.


Web Design

Designing and building websites: We follow an integrated methodology in receiving and planning, then designing and final delivery in Al-Wasaq company, ensuring customers fast and easy access to their requirements in the websites that suit their aspirations and meet the desired electronic services, whatever your requests and needs are for your system site in the virtual world .. Al-Wasaq company specializes in building and designing electronic portals, websites with special design and programming .. With a previous business history exceeding three hundred customers, we value our customers’ trust.


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E-Marketing: Al-Wasaq Company provides integrated and innovative marketing services and solutions of high quality that suit all our different customers, especially in the field of digital marketing, communications and content management through a distinguished elite of marketing and advertising consultants as Al-Wasaq provides all plans and offers by modern social media Due to the fact that the number of Internet users is constantly increasing, which is a fertile environment for advertising and marketing, and to obtain effective results at the lowest costs and the fastest means, achieve the goal of promoting your site, services, or products in a professional, scientific, and thoughtful manner.


Creative Design

Al-Wasaq Design Services: The design team at Al-Wasaq Company works to create a special philosophy in all optical products. Al-Wasaq customers from streamlined designs in horse cleats and flower nurseries to engineering and modern designs in engineering companies and heavy industries.
Al-Wasaq was characterized by drawing slogans and creating visual and institutional identities for many of the leading facilities, as well as creating content in the production of many videos, visual impact, animation, and documentaries.


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